23 April: "This Is Your United Nations," SG Tells Youth Representatives at Population Commission Opening
Acknowledging the unusually large attendance at the forty-fifth session of the Commission on Population and Development, which opened today, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the turnout told only part of the story; the real message was the energy of the session and the presence of so many young people. “Welcome,” he said to the youth delegations. “This is your United Nations”. Recalling the events in Tunisia last year, he said “youth are more than a demographic force; they are a force for progress.” With “eyes wide open”, today’s young people were connected and engaged in the events around them, he said. However, no matter where he travelled in the world, he said, young people always asked him the same two questions: “Why isn’t the UN doing more to help the suffering?” and “What can I do to help the world?”

More information: http://www.un.org/esa/population/cpd/cpd2012/cpd45.htm

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