27 November: Keeping the Momentum: Review the results of the Facebook live chat on the Post-2015 Development Agenda
With three years left to the target date of the Millennium Development Goals in 2015, it is time to accelerate preparations for a global development agenda beyond 2015 that can build on the progress of the MDGs and meet the new challenges facing our world.

Civil society and NGO networks were asked to join an interactive live chat today on the way forward for the global development agenda beyond 2015. The live chat was an opportunity for those following or interested in the post-2015 process to engage with members of the UN System Task Team on the Post-2015 UN Development Agenda. Topics included: What is the ‘post-2015 development agenda’? Who is involved in the discussions on the post-2015 development agenda? How will the voices of the poorest and most vulnerable people be included? How is civil society participating and what happens next in the post-2015 process?

The following representatives answered questions from the online community: Rob Vos, UN DESA, Director Development Policy and Analysis Division, David O’Connor, UN DESA, Division of Sustainable Development, Diana Alarcon, UN DESA Development Policy and Analysis Division, Paul Ladd, UNDP, Bureau of Development Policy, Jose Dallo, UNDP, Bureau of Development Policy (tbc), and Friedrich Soltau, UN DESA, Division of Sustainable Development.

Read the discussion here. You can see the questions to UN representatives and their answers on Facebook – http://bit.ly/beyond2015CHAT – or on Twitter using #beyond2015 . Background information is here.

More information: http://www.facebook.com/joinundesa

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