9 January: MY World: A people's survey the next set of global poverty goals
The United Nations and partners have teamed up to put in place MY World, an innovative global survey to encourage people’s participation in the process of defining the next set of global goals to end poverty. MY World is an options survey that asks individuals which six of sixteen possible issues they think would make the most difference to their lives. The sixteen issues cover the existing MDGs, plus issues of sustainability, security, governance and transparency.

People can access MY World at http://www.myworld2015.org and vote for their priorities for the next development agenda. The survey will be also available through mobile technologies such as SMS and IVR (toll-free phone numbers) and paper ballots in late January 2013 to ensure maximum outreach, particularly to draw communities without Internet access into the global debate.

More information: http://www.myworld2015.org

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