Introducing Indico - a new registration platform for events at UNHQ
Soon we will be launching a new platform for managing NGO registration to meetings and events at United Nations Headquarters in New York. The platform is called Indico, and it will be replacing the registration functionality of the current system, CSO Net. Indico is an open source platform developed by CERN and customized by our colleagues at the UN Office in Geneva, where it is already used for all event registrations.

Indico is user-friendly, secure, robust and flexible. Its features include:

•   A user-friendly system that allows participants to manage their own registrations to multiple events
•   A flexible event organization workflow that fits lectures, meetings, workshops and conferences
•   Easy upload and retrieval of presentations, papers and other documents
•   The ability for designated NGO Conference Focal Points to review the registrations of participants from their organization
•   Enhancements to make the accreditation process more secure and efficient, saving time for participants and conference organizers

You can find more information about Indico here: ttps://

We will be communicating shortly about the next steps in the migration to Indico, as well as sending out materials to help you get acquainted with the system, create your account and register for your next event.

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