Working with ECOSOC: an NGOs Guide to Consultative Status

"Working with ECOSOC" is an informational booklet that briefs Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) on the benefits of establishing a consultative relationship with ECOSOC, as well as to provide instructions on how to obtain this status within the framework provided by ECOSOC Resolution 1996/31.

The dual objective of this publication is to encourage relevant NGOs to apply for consultative status with the Council, as well as to help organizations already in consultative status to get the most of this relationship while increasing their contribution to the work of ECOSOC.

The booklet consists of 44 pages and provides basic information about the way in which NGOs can interact with the United Nations in general and with ECOSOC in particular. It describes the different formal and informal mechanisms that civil society can utilize in order to work with the different ECOSOC Commissions (i.e. attendance to meetings, submission of statements, side-events, oral interventions, etc.) as well as the obligations that NGOs assume by entering in this consultative relationship.

In a friendly language and modern tone, the booklet intends to show the multi-dimensional benefits of working with ECOSOC and how NGOs can maximize their contribution to the United Nations.

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