UN Grounds Pass for ECOSOC NGOs in New York

Each NGO in consultative status with ECOSOC can designate representatives to obtain passes for the UN premises, valid until 31 December of each year. Grounds passes can be requested following the procedure described below.

A maximum of 5 such passes can be issued for New York, 5 for Geneva, and 5 for Vienna, in addition to the Chief Administrative Officer and the President or Chief Executive (2 additional passes).

To apply for a pass, your representative requires three documents:

1. A signed official letter (click for sample) requesting a pass, on the official letterhead of the organization, from your Chief Executive/President designating a maximum of five representatives for annual passes plus two for the CEO and Chief Executive).

2. A security form, showing you pre-registered your information online. See “4 Steps” below.

3. A valid government-issued picture ID.

Note the following restrictions:
The President MUST BE nominated in each location for any letter to be accepted. Failure to nominate the president will result in refusal of accreditations.
For official events that require pre-registration, short-term passes will NOT be issued. In those cases, you will need an additional pass from the event organizers. Please review participation guidelines for each event carefully.
Any unused passes need to be returned in order to be deactivated.

Pre-register for UN Grounds Pass - 4 Steps

1. Log in and Review.
Login here. Select "Consultative Status" then "Designations->New York". This page will list all your existing representatives.

2. Renew or add representatives.
To renew, select “Copy” next to the name of your representative, update the details, and press “Submit.” To add, select “New Designation”, update the details, and press “Submit.” Make sure that you request the duration of your new pass to be from 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2014.

3. Wait for confirmation email.
If you have applied before 4 pm New York time, and if you have fulfilled all criteria for a pass, your request will be endorsed before the close of business of the same day. An email notification will be sent to the email address of your organization on file. It will provide instructions to print a security form you need in step 4.

4. Collect your pass.
Read the instructions in the confirmation email carefully. To collect your pass, bring the official letter (click for sample); the security form to be printed by clicking on 'print' by your name; and a valid photo ID. You can collect the pass in person the next business day. Details will be in the email message.

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