Dialogue stressed during General Assembly hearings on migration
With the Second General Assembly High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development scheduled for October, an informal interactive hearing on 15 July offered representatives of civil society, the private sector and non-governmental organizations a chance to exchange recommendations for the outcome of the main event with Member States. In his opening remarks, Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson stressed the importance of partnerships. “The role of civil society is fundamental. Labour unions and employers’ organizations play a critical role in immigration reform. Advocacy groups ensure that the voices of migrants are heard and are heeded. Diaspora organizations are showing us the diversity of many contributions which migrants can make to societies,” he said. NGO speakers pointed out the impact of remittances from diaspora groups on the communities they had left behind and a call on the private sector to implement migrants’ rights at the workplace. Additional priorities ahead of the High-Level Dialogue include developing a framework for managing migration from countries and regions affected by crisis and violence.

More information: http://www.unmigration.org

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