10 - 11 May: High-level Thematic Debate on UN, Peace and Security
The President of the United Nations General Assembly will convene a High-Level Thematic Debate of the UN General Assembly focused on UN, Peace and Security on 10-11 May 2016. This event will be a platform to identify key threats and engage in a strategic reflection about today’s challenges to international peace and security. Furthermore, it will allow for a consideration about the means, tools and instruments available within a UN-context to tackle these challenges as well as the responsibilities and institutions required for an effective, collective security architecture.

Member States have been invited to participate at the highest possible level. Observers, UN entities, civil society, research institutions with global and regional reach, media, and other stakeholders also have an opportunity to attend.
Registration is now open for representatives of organizations and other stakeholders actively working in the area of peace and security from ECOSOC and non-ECOSOC accredited NGOs, civil society, the research, scientific and academic communities, youth groups and other relevant stakeholders.

All organizations wishing to attend the High-level Thematic Debate will need to register by applying here. Applications for general registration are being accepted from 31 March - 12 April 2016.

More information: http://www.un.org/pga/70/events/hltd-peace-and-security/

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