Regular session of the Committee on NGOs concludes with the adoption of its report on 16 February 2016
The 2016 regular session of the ECOSOC Committee on NGOs ended on 16 February with the adoption of its report, the recommendations of which will be acted upon by ECOSOC at its Coordination and Management Meeting in early April.

Of the 475 applications that were submitted at the regular session, 206 applications were recommended for consultative status with ECOSOC and 245 were deferred to the 2016 resumed session in May. Twenty-three applications were closed without prejudice as the NGOs did not respond to questions from the Committee after 3 reminders sent to them by the NGO Branch. A vote was taken to close the application from the Khmers Kampuchea-Krom Federation (KKKF). Another vote was taken to not hear from the representative of KKKF at the daily Q & A session.

Of the 451 quadrennial reports from NGOs at the regular session, 361 reports were taken note of and 90 reports were deferred to the resumed session in May.

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