Call for NGO input toward Secretary-General's report on inclusion and accessibility for persons with disabilities at the United Nations
The General Assembly in its resolution 70/170 dated 10 February 2016: “Towards the full realization of an inclusive and accessible United Nations for persons with disabilities” requested the Secretary-General to submit to the Assembly at its 71st session, a comprehensive report on the status of accessibility at the United Nations, with a view to realizing an inclusive and accessible environment for persons with disabilities. In this connection, civil society organizations are kindly requested to provide to the Secretariat the following information: (a) the status and application of existing regulations relating to accessibility of facilities and services for persons with disabilities, including reasonable accommodation and universal design within your organization; (b) areas that need improvement to ensure full accessibility for persons with disabilities; (c) best practices and views on the provision of accessibility, following universal design and reasonable accommodation; and (d) recommendations on how to better coordinate, facilitate and monitor practical accessibility measures in order to provide reasonable accommodation, in a cost-effective manner, to meet the needs of persons with disabilities for their participation at the United Nations, including in meetings, conferences and services, as well as the United Nations workplace. The information should include, but not be limited to, accessibility domains of physical facilities and services, information and documentation, meetings and services, information and communications technologies, and human resources. Please send your input of no more than 800 words, in the form of an editable electronic document (Microsoft Word) by 15 March 2016, via e-mail to:

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