2016 Resumed Session of the Committee on NGOs
The 2016 Resumed Session of the Committee on NGOs took place from 23 May to 1 June (and will adopt its report on 10 June), reviewing a total of 464 applications (including 245 applications that had been deferred from previous sessions), 7 reclassifications and 426 quadrennial reports.

A total of 188 applications were recommended for consultative status with ECOSOC. The Committee closed, without prejudice, the consideration of 39 applications that had failed to respond to queries over the last two consecutive sessions. Pending receipt of answers to questions posed by the members, the Committee deferred a total of 235 applications to its next session.

The Committee also held two votes to recommend status to two deferred applications, the Committee to Protect Journalists, Inc. (CPJ) and the Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights (YCSRR). Both votes were lost. The first by 6 votes in favour of granting consultative status and 10 against, with 3 abstentions. The second by 5 votes in favour and 6 against. The Committee also dealt with the issue of organizations that had failed to submit their quadrennial report in due time, as stated in ECOSOC resolution 2008/4. Out of the organizations that were previously suspended of their consultative status for one year, due to their failure to submit a quadrennial report, 81 organizations had submitted a report within the year they were suspended and will be re-instated by ECOSOC in July 2016. The rest, 85 organizations, will have their consultative status withdrawn, as stated in the resolution 2008/4. These organizations may re-apply after three years. Furthermore, 158 organizations will have their consultative status suspended for one year starting in July 2016 - due to non submission of their quadrennial report. This resumed session attracted unprecedented attention from observer states, the NGO community and the media.

The report of the Committee (E/2016/32 (part II)), which contains the above recommendations and which was adopted by consensus on 10 June 2016 , is expected to be taken up by ECOSOC at its next Coordination and Management Meeting, between 25-27 July 2016.

More information: http://www.un.org/press/en/2016/ecosoc6766.doc.htm

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