ECOSOC Coordination and Management Meeting - Summary of discussions
On 25 July, the Council adopted by consensus almost all the draft decisions contained in the report of the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations at its May session (E/2016/32 (Part II)). They included granting consultative status to 188 NGOs and closing the consideration of the request for consultative status made by 39 NGOs who had failed to respond to queries by the Committee.

However, the Council overwhelmingly voted in favour of two draft decisions tabled by the United States and Australia to grant status to two NGOs, citing the highly reputable work and credibility of both organizations and reversing the recommendations of the Committee.

The first draft (US) was on the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). It received 40 votes in favour, with 5 votes against and 6 abstentions. The second draft (Australia) was on Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights (YCSRR). It received 26 votes in favour, 7 votes against, and 13 abstentions.

In taking the floor after the adoption of these decisions, several member states expressed alarm at the increasing trend of limiting civil society participation in the United Nations system by a Committee that was established to promote civil society engagement. Several member states stated that the tactics used by several members of the Committee included blocking or delaying the applications of NGOs, particularly those working on human rights and LGBT issues, and deferring applications for several years in some cases.

In addition, the Council took note of the quadrennial reports of 335 NGOs; suspended the consultative status for 1 year of 158 organizations with outstanding quadrennial reports; reinstated the consultative status of 81 organizations that had submitted their outstanding quadrennial reports; and withdrew the consultative status of 85 organizations with continued outstanding quadrennial reports.

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